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A great concept for small business owners who need great international shipping rates

  • Are you a small business owner?
  • Do you sell on the world wide web?
  • Do you just have something to send from point A to point B?
  • Are you being charged an arm and a leg when trying to ship something internationally?
  • Would you like to sell your product outside the USA?

If you answer any of these questions with a yes we can help!

Uship-it.com is part of Mailbox International, a mail and package forwarding company providing a shipping service for customers overseas.
If you are not in the USA but need a freight forwarder to help you with your shipping needs please visit our website at www.weship-it.com

International shipping is expensive?

True. It is. Why is this so expensive?

  • Most small businesses do not ship overseas on a regular basis. Therefore they usually do not have very good rates.
  • The United States Postal Service might not be a  good alternative since it does not provide the level of service the courier services provide but courier service is more expensive
  • The business does not ship efficiently

Mailbox International ships across the border every day and we ship a lot.
This means that we get a large discount from FedEx and DHL.
We pass these discounts on to our customers. Up to 50% off the going retail rates and that is a substantial discount!

However, receiving a discount is only a part of the whole process. A large part can be saved in knowing how to pack and ship so education is important.

A recent example.

A client had a sizable shipment that needed to go to Canada. With their own shipping account, cost by plane was about $1400. By truck it was $1100 plus extra brokerfees. With our excellent rates and some education we shipped it by plane for only $700 total.

In a nutshell this is how it works:

You provide us with the client details and the shipping details
We do all the paperwork and sent you these via email.

You print and sign the paperwork and stick it in a pouch on the outside of the box.
In the meantime we have contacted the courier who will pick up your  shipment and deliver it in just a few days on the other side of the world.

It is that easy!

Mailbox International
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